Helpful Reminders

  • First Pryority Bank will never request your account number, social security number, ATM or debit card number, PIN, or online banking login information via email. Should you receive such a request DO NOT RESPOND TO IT and report it to First Pryority Bank immediately.
  • You may also report fraudulent emails of any kind to the Federal Trade Commission. Call them at 1.877.ID.THEFT.
  • If someone from the bank calls, use Caller I.D. to verify that the call is from the bank or ask to call them back at the bank 1.918.825.2121 in Pryor or 1.918.369.2424 in Tulsa.
  • If you believe you have provided any personal information online in response to a fraudulent email, immediately call us at 1.800.462.7032 or 1.918.825.2121.
  • Destroy documents (preferably with a shredder) that have personal identification information before disposing of them. Items with your name, account number, or other information could be pulled from the garbage and used to perpetrate identity theft against you.
  • Do not put outgoing mail in your personal mailbox unless it is secure. Pick up your mail immediately so thieves have less opportunity to steal it. Have your check orders mailed directly to the bank for pickup. Have your mail held when you are on vacation.
  • Protect your ATM PIN (personal identification number) and never write it on your card or share it with others.
  • First Pryority Bank employs monitoring tools for your debit card to identify any out-of-pattern activity on your account and to identify risk of fraud. If you are unable to be reached to verify the transactions, your card may be temporarily de-activated until you verify whether or not the transactions are legitimate. Notify us in advance when you expect to use your card in an area or other country that is not normal activity for your account.
  • If your ATM/debit card has been compromised, lost, or stolen, contact us immediately at 1.800.462.7032 or 918.825.2121. After hours, please call 1.800.791.2525.
  • Go to the “Notify Me Alerts” tab within our online banking service and set account activity alerts to notify you at the email address you specify when your account balance reaches a certain amount, it becomes overdrawn, for when certain check numbers have cleared, deposits have been, made, etc.
  • Please do not transmit any confidential material via our email address. If you are sending us any personal or account information, please use our secure email function through our online banking service. To access our secure email service, log onto your online bank account and click on “messages” and then select “contact us”.
  • Read our Online Security Tips for more information regarding online fraud and “phishing” scams.
  • Read our Identity Theft Resolution Guide for instructions on what to do if you think your identity has been stolen.
  • Check out our Fraud Prevention Resources for more valuable information.

Remember, First Pryority Bank will never ask you for personal information via e-mail.

We appreciate your help in our effort to fight email and online fraud. First Pryority Bank takes preventing fraud for our customers and the security of their accounts very seriously. While we will do everything possible to ensure the security of our system, we are not responsible for any breach of security that is outside our control.